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Drawing eyes step by step

Posted on Dec 31, 2016 in Pencil Drawing Technique | 0 comments

Drawing eyes is one of my favorite subjects. The eyes say so much about the person’s emotion and soul. When drawing eyes, keep in mind that the iris and pupil are in most cases a perfect circle and needs to be placed at the exact position. I always draw the circles freehand by focusing on the shapes and space around the iris, in relation to the size of the iris.
Eyelashes on both upper and lower lid are clumped together and randomly spaced. Create the eyelash by flicking your pencil outwards allowing the lash to slightly curl with the end pointy and
drawing eyes step by step

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Realistic Drawing of Old Man’s Face – Drawing Tutorial

Posted on Aug 13, 2015 in Art Tutorials, Pencil Drawing Technique, Work In Progress | 0 comments

I have been working on this drawing for quite some time using a variety of tools. The drawing is done with graphite pencils and an Ebony carbon pencil for the extreme dark parts.

I like the carbon pencils but I am still searching for a pencil that is easy to blend, yet creates a deep black and flat tone without shine. This drawing is part of an eBook I am currently writing that shows step by step how to draw.

realistic pencil portrait

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Drawing a glass realistically

Posted on Apr 13, 2015 in Pencil Drawing Technique |

My latest art work is a realistic pencil drawing of a glass of water. Drawing a glass is not that difficult. The artist needs to pay attention to different values and how each section is placed in relationship to each other. 

An optical illusion can mostly be seen in the mid section of the glass. Light bends the image so that we see parts of the bottom of the glass. The water line also gives away the presence of water inside the glass. I plan to create a free tutorial that will teach you how to draw the glass.

How to draw a glass

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